Volutin Granule Staining Technique and its Details

Volutin Granule Staining Technique and its Details


  • Micro-organism have a special characteristic these organism store reserve food material in the form of granules.These granules are utilized by these organism when they are in starvation mode.
  • These reserve food granules are also called Volutin granules, Metachromatic granules or Babes Ernst granules.
  • These granules are mainly of four types.
  1. Volutin granules.
  2. Sulphur granules.
  3. Nitrogenous reserve food material.
  4. Non-nitrogenous reserve food material.
  • These granules are called as Volutin granules because these granules were first observed in Spirillum volutans.
  • It is also called as metachromatic granule because if these granules are stain with blue stain they appear red in colour so it has a property of changing colour.
  • These granules are made up of proteins, RNA and poly-phosphate molecules .
  • Volutin granules are mainly present in bacteria, algae,fungi and protozoa.
  • These granules are stain by using Albert’s staining method.


To stain volutin granules by Albert’s staining method.


  1. Cell suspension.
  2. Albert’s stain.
  3. Albert’s iodine.


  1. Prepare a smear on clean grease free slide.
  2. Air dry and heat fix the smear.
  3. Treat the smear with Albert’s stain and allow it to react for about 3 mins .
  4. Drain of the excess stain do not water wash the slide.
  5. Flood the smear with Albert’s iodine for 2 minutes.
  6. Wash the slide with water,air dry and observe under oil immersion lens.

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