Structure of Bacterial Cell Bacterial cell The bacterial cell is made up of various internal as well as external anatomical structure. Introduction A bacterial cell shows various parts and these parts have specific structure and functions. Some structures are present in that particular species and hence that structure is characteristic feature of that species. Various… Read More

Flagella Staining by Loeffler’s Method and its Details Flagella is the most important locomotory organ of a bacterial cell and for studying this structure it is important to stain the flagella.So here we have another staining technique used for staining of flagella that is Loffler’s staining technique. There are some other staining techniques that are… Read More

Flagella Staining Technique by Liefson’s Method Introduction Bacteria have two types of locomotory organs and that are Flagella and pili. Here we are studying about flagella staining. Flagella is a thin,hair like structure made up protein called as flagellin. It size ranges from 20 µ to 200 µ in length. Flagella is one of the most important… Read More