Cell wall staining by Chances method

Cell wall staining by Chances method

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  • Cell wall staining technique is a special staining technique in which we especially stain the cell wall of the bacterial cell.
  • As we know cell wall is the outer most rigid covering of cell and depending upon the structure of cell wall bacterial cell are classified in Gram positive and Gram negative cells.
  • Staining of bacterial cell wall helps us in a demonstration of the cell wall.
  • There are various staining techniques used to stain cell wall like Chances method, Ringer’s method and Dyar’s method.


  • To stain the bacterial cell wall by Chances method.


  1. A Clean grease free slide.
  2. Fresh cell suspension.
  3. 0.5  %  New fuchsin solution.
  4. 0.5  %  Congo red solution.


  • A clean grease free slide is taken.
  • The smear is made on a slide by using a sterile wire loop.
  • The slide is air dried and not heat fixed.
  • After air-drying the slide is flooded with 0.5  %  New fuchsin solution and allowed to react for 3 mins.
  • After 3 mins excess stain is drained out and the slide is flooded with 0.5  %  Congo red solution and kept for 4 mins.
  • Further, the slide is gently washed with water.
  • Air dried and observed under oil immersion lens.

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