Structure of Typical Bacterial Cell

Structure of Bacterial Cell Bacterial cell The bacterial cell is made up of various internal as well as external anatomical structure. Introduction A bacterial cell shows various parts and these parts have specific structure and functions. Some structures are present in that particular species and hence that structure is characteristic feature of that species. Various … Read more

Capsule Staining Technique by Hiss method

Capsule Staining Technique by Hiss method


  • Capsule is the rigid, slimy and gummy covering of the bacterial cell which lies external to the cell wall.
  • The cell that posses the capsule are called as capsulated cell and those who lack the capsule are called as the non-capsulated bacteria.
  • Capsule is mainly made up of organic compound like Polysaccharides or polypeptides.
Capsule is mainly of two types
  1. Micro-capsule – Its size is less than 0.2 µ.
  2. Macro-capsule – Its size is more than 0.2 µ.
  • When we stain the cell with normal stain like methylene blue or saffranin it stains the cell as well as capsule as capsule get stained easily.
  • So if we want to stain a capsule we need a special capsule staining technique.
Capsule staining can be done in two ways they are
  1. Positive staining method – In positive staining method only capsule is stained.
  2. Negative staining method – Here capsule is not stained but it is made visible by colourless area of capsule in between coloured cells and coloured background.

So here we are going to study the capsule staining technique and its details.

The two methods which we are going to study are…

  1. Positive staining method – Hiss Staining method.
  2. Negative staining method – Maneval’s method.

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