Capsule Staining Technique by Maneval’s Method.

Capsule Staining Technique by Maneval’s Method.

Maneval’s staining method is a negative staining method.


To stain a  capsule of a cell by Maneval’s staining method.


  1. 1 % Congo red solution.
  2. Maneval’s stain.
  3. Capsulated cell culture.

Please watch the Video given Below


  1. Take a loopful of capsulated cell suspension on a clean grease free slide.
  2. Add a drop of 1 % congo red solution in the suspension and then spread it gently on the slide to form a smear.
  3. Allow the suspension to air dry and do not heat fix it.
  4. Flood the slid with Maneval’s stain and keep it for 2 minutes.
  5. After 2 minutes discard excess stain and do not water wash the slide.
  6. Allow the slide to air dry and observe under oil immersion objective.

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