Branches of Microbiology Micro-organism are present everywhere in nature  and this micro-organism has a great effect on other life form like human being,plants and animals in several ways.The effect of micro-organism to the environment may be desirable or undesirable.These bacteria show wide range of activity and diversity.On basis on taxonomic characters and application of micro-organism… Read More

Strain Improvement of Micro-organisms Used in fermentation. In industries the micro-organism are selected by using various screening procedure.The strain which is selected on industrial scale for commercial production of a product should be able to produce high yield of product constantly.This constant high yield of product makes the fermentation economic as well as face the… Read More

Screening Technique and its Details The screening techniques are generally carried out in two stages. Primary Screening Secondary Screening 1. Primary Screening Detection and isolation of industrially important micro-organism from the mixed population using simple techniques is called as primary screening techniques.In primary screening technique, simple methods are used to detect valuable micro-organism based on certain… Read More

Screening of Micro-organism for Industrial Use The micro-organism that is required in industries are screened or we can say isolated from nature.The source from which micro-organism are isolated may be soil, air, water, compost, milk or food.Isolation of this micro-organism requires specific isolation technique.So a search of micro-organism of our interest in nature can be… Read More

Sterilization of Fermentation Media Sterilization of fermentation media play a important role in fermentation .If the fermentation media is not sterilized properly or we can say if the media gets contaminated it can lead to economic loss.The contamination of media can effect the yield of product,it can change the product or it can effect the… Read More

Design of Fermentation Media In a fermentation process, the choice of the most optimum micro-organisms and fermentation media is very important for high yield of product. The quality of fermentation media is important as it provides nutrients and energy for growth of micro-organisms. This medium provides substrate for product synthesis in a fermentor. Fermentation media… Read More

There are three types of fermentation processes and they are Batch fermentation Continuous fermentation Dual or multiple fermentation Batch fermentation Batch fermentation is carried out in batches. Here, fermentation media is filled up to 80% space by fermentor, and the remaining space is used as head space. Head space plays an important role as some… Read More

Design of a Fermentor Fermentation Fermentation can be defined as a metabolic process in which cheap raw materials such as sugar or carbohydrates are converted into economically important products like acids, gases and alcohols by micro-organism. This process is carried out in a equipment called as fermentor. What is a Fermentor? A Fermentor can be defined as… Read More

Fermentation Equipment and its Application Fermentation can be defined as a metabolic process in which raw materials such as sugar or carbohydrates are converted into acids, gases and alcohols. Micro-organisms such as yeast and bacteria play a central role in the fermentation process. Fermentation process requires a fermentor, substrate, inoculum and optimum conditions. The equipment… Read More

Fermenting tanks with yeast being used to brew beer. Photo by Kafziel

 In Industrial microbiology is a branch of science that deals with the study and uses of micro-organism which has industrial and economic applications. Industrial Microbiology, microbes classified, characterized are isolated from their natural environment. Further, these micro-organisms are produced on a large-scale by use of a fermentor. The most important applications of industrial microbiology are… Read More