Idli Fermentation Process and its Details Idli is one of the famous food of India specially in South India. Idli is a cereal, legume based food.Idli is a small, white, acid leaved steam cake made by fermentation of thick batter of carefully washed and soaked rice and black gram dal. It is soft and spongy… Read More

Beer Fermentation and its Details Introduction Fermentation of beer is a very complex process. The products formed after fermentation are fermented product, alcohol, glycerol and acid. There are some different types of beer like Ale beer, Porter beer, Bock beer, Lager beer, Pilsner beer. Composition of typical American beer  Bland flavour pH – 4.3 Alcohol… Read More

Contamination Problem in Fermentation Industry  Each and every industry that carry out fermentation process may face contamination problem. If the fermentation media, tank or fermented product gets contaminated it results in great economic loss to the industry. So to avoid this contamination problem some important steps should be carried out. Contamination in fermentation process may… Read More

Cheese Fermentation and its Details Cheese can be defined as  a milk product that is obtained by coagulation of milk protein called as casein. The milk protein casein is coagulated by adding a rennet enzyme. The milk used for cheese manufacture may be skimmed milk or full cream milk. There are various types and different… Read More

Defects of Wine and its Control Wine making is work of precision. If the wine gets contaminated or it get spoiled it cannot be sold in market and it can cause a huge economic loss to the industry. Defects caused in the wine may cause change in flavour of wine, odour of wine or may… Read More

Sherry Wine Fermentation Sherry wine is one type of appetizer wine. Alcohol content of Sherry wine is about 20 %. There are different types of sherry wines like Fino and Manzanilla, Amontillado, Palo cortado, Oloroso. Sherry wine is a blended wine and generally produced in spain. Fermentation of Sherry wine 1] Raw Material White grapes… Read More

Champagne Manufacture and its Details Champagne Champagne is  an example of Sparkling wine. The alcohol content of champagne is 10 % to 14 %. The manufacture of champagne is carried out in two ways Bottle Fermentation Bulk Fermentation Champagne Manufacture Let’s see bottle manufacture of Champagne in details 1] Introduction In fermentation of champagne the… Read More

Wine Fermentation and its Details Wine fermentation is a process of transformation sugars present in grapes by yeast under anaerobic condition into alcohol, carbon dioxide and some by-products. Wine is a fermented product and not a distillery product. The alcohol content of wine is 10%  to 14 %  and the alcohol content of appetizer wine… Read More

Nutrition An Important Life Processes Nutrition is one of the important part  in life of living organisms. All living things perform various activities in their life and for performing this activities a living thing requires energy. The energy is obtained from food that a organisms eat. Modes of Nutrition   Definitions Nutrition – Nutrition can… Read More

Life Processes Overview on Life Processes Our environment is made up of two things that Living things and Non-living things.Living things are alive they have life and Non-living things are dead.Now the question is how should we differentiate the living and non-living things.Here are some characteristics on the basis of which we can differentiate living… Read More