Rules and Safety Measures in Microbiological Laboratory.

Rules and Safety Measures in Microbiological Laboratory

  • It is very important to follows rules of microbiological laboratory in safety point of view.
  • If these important rules are not followed a student,teacher, or a laboratory worker can face Biohazards, Chemical hazards as well as Physical hazards.

The safety rules are as follows

  • Whenever a person enters a laboratory he/she should remove the footware out of the laboratory.
  • Dyes and chemicals are used in the laboratory due to which our skin can get harmed as well as it can damage our clothes so laboratory gown or apron should be used compulsory.
  • Instruction given by the instruction should be noted and followed carefully.
  • Eating and drinking is not allowed in laboratory.
  • Do not put anything in your mouth like pen, pencils,and fingers etc
  • Hair should be packed with hair cap to avoid falling of hair on face,working place as well as burning Bunsen burner.
  • Laboratory doors and windows should be kept closed during experiments are going on.
  • Extra material like bags,clothes,purses and books should be kept at proper places like drawers or shelf’s.
  • The working area should be kept free from all these extra material.
  • Before starting your work on your work bench the bench top should be disinfected by ethanol,phenol,Lysol or cetylpyridinium chloride before and after each laboratory work.
  • Hands should be washed properly before and after each task.
  • These above precaution may lessen chances of infection or contamination due to cultures.
  • Smoking is completely prohibited in microbial laboratory.
  • Microbial cultures should be handled properly and should not be taken out of laboratory.
  • Mouth pipetting should be avoided and mechanical pipetting devices should be used.
  • All laboratory work should be carried out carefully to avoid aerosol formation.
  • Talking ,laughing should be avoided because it can result into contamination.
  • All contaminated material should placed into a proper container.
  • Culture plates,tubes should be discarded in basket.
  • All microbial cultures should be either incubated or refrigerated,Cultures should not be kept in drawers,cupboard or desk.
  • Pipettes,glass rods should be properly disinfected  or sterilized after each use.
  • Before and after each use nichrome wireloop should be sterilized and then used or kept.
  • All laboratory instruments should be operated as per standard operating procedure.
  • Bunsen burner are very dangerous so the should be handled with care and should be turned of when not in use.
  • All electrical appliances such as oven, autoclave,centrifuge and other such devices should be immediately turned off after each use.
  • All accidents,injuries or broken glassware should be reported immediately.
  • Alcohol should be kept away from flame.
  • Waste paper,threads,broken glassware or used pH strips should be discarded safely.
  • The experiments that are permitted should only carried out.
  • Keep the laboratory clean.
  • Follow all the instruction above and you will be safe and get good results.

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