Diseases and its Types in Microbiology

Diseases and its Types in Microbiology


  • The disease is an abnormal condition an uneasy state of the body.
  • The human body is constantly exposed to micro-organism sometime these micro-organisms are so active that they enter the host body, multiply and result in a disease.
  • Diseases are mainly of four types as shown below.


1. Epidemic

  • In an epidemic, an infectious disease spreads rapidly and a large population is affected 
  • The outbreak of disease is above the expected level.
  • Epidemic disease is of two types as shown below.

Epidemic disease
Epidemic disease

2. Endemic disease

  • Endemic disease is a disease that occur at regular interval but at low frequencies.
  • It constantly occur in some area but with low incidences
  • Examples:- Fever, Cough, Common cold.

3. Pandemic disease

  • Pandemic disease is a wide spread disease.
  • It spread in large population in short period of time.
  • These disease are mainly air born disease
  • Example:- Influenza

4. Sporadic disease

  • Sporadic disease occur occasionally with specific interval of time.
  • In sporadic disease virulence of organism is low and population resistance is high.
  • Example:- Small pox.

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