Sherry Wine Fermentation

Sherry Wine Fermentation

Sherry wine is one type of appetizer wine. Alcohol content of Sherry wine is about 20 %. There are different types of sherry wines like Fino and Manzanilla, Amontillado, Palo cortado, Oloroso. Sherry wine is a blended wine and generally produced in spain.

Fermentation of Sherry wine

1] Raw Material

  1. White grapes are used in manufacture of Sherry Wine.
  2. Generally grapes of two varieties are used and they are   Palomino mission, Pedro ximenes.

2] Fermentation Procedure

  1. The desired quality and variety of white grapes are selected.
  2. Grapes are washed, crushed and stemmed.
  3. The must and pomace is transferred to a concert tank or wooden tank.
  4. The must and pomace is treated with sulfur dioxide gas or sulfite for sterilization for six hours.
  5. After sterilization the fermentation media is added with 2 %  to 5 % of innoculum.
  6. The fermentation is carried out for 5 to 8 days and after fermentation a sample of wine is pumped out the alcohol content of wine is checked and the alcohol content of whole fermented wine is adjusted to 20 %.
  7. Further after adjustment of alcohol content the wine is allowed to settling for one day to four weeks.
  8. After settling process of wine the fermented wine is treated with pasteurization process.
  9. The next step is clarification of wine by using settling agent called as bentonite. Bentonite is used in a quantity of 8 to 10 pounds per 1000 gallons.
  10. The clarification step is followed by filtration of wine and further the wine is baked and cooked at 120 ° F in barrels for three months.
  11. After three months the wine is filtered again and cooled at 16 ° F to 18 ° F for three weeks. Filtration of wine is carried out again and kept for aging in wooden tanks.
  12. Lastly the wine is blended,filled in bottles and sold in market.

 Aging of Sherry wine in Barrel


Flow chart of Sherry wine fermentation

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