Overview on Life Processes CBSC Syllabus

Life Processes

Overview on Life Processes

Our environment is made up of two things that Living things and Non-living things.Living things are alive they have life and Non-living things are dead.Now the question is how should we differentiate the living and non-living things.Here are some characteristics on the basis of which we can differentiate living and non-living things.

Characteristics of living things


Locomotion is the one of the most important character of living thing.Locomotion means movement of a thing from one place to other without applying any external force.The speed of movement may be slow or fast.Slow in case of plants here in plants only parts of plant moves like leaves ,stem and roots.Where as in case of animals the movement is fast for example Cat,Dog,Birds,human beings and fishes etc.

2.Living things require three important things for its living

Living things need Food,Water and Air for its growth and survival.

3. Growth

Living things grow in their Size and Shape till certain limit.

4. Responsive

Living things are sensitive in nature they respond to changes that take place around them.

5. Respiration

Living thing respire by intake of oxygen and give out of carbon dioxide.


Living things carry out excretion by giving out unwanted waste products from the body.


Living things carry out reproduction and give birth to young ones.

Characteristics of non-living things

1. Non-living things do not show any kind of movement.Non-living things cannot move from one place to other unless any external force is applied to it.

2.Non-living things are incapable of showing any of the life process like Growth,Respiration,Excretion,Response to any stimuli,and reproduction.

3.Non-living things are dead they have no life in it.

4.Examples of non-living things are Water,Air ,Sand ,Stone or any type of metal etc.

Here our topic of interest is Living things 

Living things have life in it and this living things has to carry out some important Life process to survive in this environment.Now what is the meaning of Life Processes?

Life Processes

Life processes can be defined or explained as the different types of process or we can say different types of function performed by a living thing to survive in the environment is called Life Processes.Their are some basic common life processes carried out by living things and they are:-

  • Nutrition- Nutrition is intake of food conversion of that food in small particles and formation of energy.
  • Respiration -Respiration is intake of oxygen and give out of Carbon-dioxide as well of release of formed energy from food.
  • Transportation -Transportation is the passage of food,oxygen,gases,ions to different body part as well as different cells of body.
  • Excretion – Excretion is removal of undigested waste products out of the body.
  • Control and co-ordination- It is the response of body or body parts of organism to any stimuli.
  • Growth-Growth is multiplication of cells and increase of a size and shape of organism to some extent.
  • Reproduction-Reproduction is a processes of formation of a new life.
  • Movement-The movement or motion of a living organism from one place to other is called movement.

In the upcoming article we will be discussing the above points of Life processes in detail.