Cyanophage and its Details Cyanobacteria ž Cyanobacteria are microscopic, photosynthetic, aquatic bacteria. ž It is generally found in fresh water, Lake, Ocean, Streams, Moist soil and rock. ž Cyanobacteria is also called as blue-green algae and also called as cyanophyte. ž They are aquatic, photosynthetic, prokaryotic bacteria so its name was renamed as Cyanobacteria. ž… Read More

Morphology and Structure of Viruses Definition of Viruses Virus is a smallest infectious particle, Unicellular, Obligate Intracellular parasite. Lets see Morphology and structure of viruses in detail. Characters of Viruses Size of Viruses Shape of Viruses Structure of viruses – It consist of Capsid , nucleic acid and envelop. 1. Size of Viruses Viruses are smaller… Read More

General Characters of Viruses Viruses Virology is a branch of science that deals with the study of viruses. Viruses are Obligate intracellular parasites they require a living cell or organism for its multiplication. It can infect all living forms including plants, animals, bacteria etc. Viruses can be observed only under the electron microscope. They are… Read More