Cyanophage and its Details Cyanobacteria ž Cyanobacteria are microscopic, photosynthetic, aquatic bacteria. ž It is generally found in fresh water, Lake, Ocean, Streams, Moist soil and rock. ž Cyanobacteria is also called as blue-green algae and also called as cyanophyte. ž They are aquatic, photosynthetic, prokaryotic bacteria so its name was renamed as Cyanobacteria. ž… Read More

The growth of a Bacterial Cell It can be defined as an orderly increase in the quantity of all cell components of a cell.The cell increases in its size, shape and weight and further undergoes cell division.The bacterial cell undergoes different growth phases.This growth phases of the bacterial cell can be studied by plotting a… Read More

Nomenclature of Bacterial Cell In this world, there are millions of microorganisms.These microorganism are present everywhere and each organism has its unique and special features.There is a huge diversity in morphological, physical, and chemical characters of these organism.So due to such a huge diversity it is very important to name and classify these organism.Nomenclature and… Read More

Cell wall of Gram negative bacteria Cell wall of Gram negative bacteria is more rigid and thick then Gram postive bacteria. It is made up of two layers 1. Peptidoglycan 2. Outer cell wall layer 1. Peptidoglycan It is present in between outer wall layer and cell membrane. The structure is similar as gram positive… Read More

Introduction A bacterial cell shows various parts and these parts have specific structure and functions. These parts are separated by a rigid cell wall some parts are on the internal side of the cell wall and some parts are on the external side of the cell wall. The parts present on the internal side of… Read More

Morphology means systematic study of external characters of bacteria. Morphology of bacterial cell deals with study of Size of bacteria. Shape of bacteria. Arrangement of bacteria. 1. Size of bacteria. Size of bacterial cell is less than 3 micrometer. The bacteria are microscopic in nature and are visible only under compound microscope. These bacteria may… Read More