Nomenclature of Bacterial Cell

Nomenclature of Bacterial Cell

In this world, there are millions of microorganisms.These microorganism are present everywhere and each organism has its unique and special features.There is a huge diversity in morphological, physical, and chemical characters of these organism.So due to such a huge diversity it is very important to name and classify these organism.Nomenclature and classification of these micro-organism can avoid confusion and misunderstanding .Due to huge diversity of these organism they are named into different names which leads to confusion.So naming these organism in a systematic and logical way is very important.

These organism are named in two ways.

  1. Common Name
  2. Scientific Name

       1. Common Name.

  •  Common name is not a universal name.
  • One same organism may have many common names depending upon different parts of the world.
  • Common naming system can create chaos.
  • Where as it can cause difficulties in scientific research.
  • So it naming of organism in a scientific manner is very important.

       2. Scientific Nomenclature.

  • Scientific nomenclature is a binomial nomenclature system which was introduced by Carl Vone Linne.
  • Scientific name is a universal name accepted in the whole world.
  • Binomial nomenclature system consist of first name as Genus and second name is species name of that bacteria.

       A) Genus name

  • Genus name can be of Latin or Greek origin.
  • It may be a name of a founder of that organism.
  • Genus name may be of any gender Masculine, Feminine, or Neuter.

        B) Species name

  • It may be a adjective or a noun.

Some important rules of nomenclature.

  • The names should be written in latin , Greek or combination of both.
  • The name should be printed in Italics and if it is typed or handwritten it should be underlined.
  • First letter of genus should be in capital word and remaining should be in lower case.
  • Name given through nomenclature system should be approved.

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